Solo Exhibition — Okufeti(ka) 2019
May 30 — August 10, 2019
Jahmek Contemporary Art Luanda, Angola
they occur. Technological, social and political changes have altered the way we relate to our environments, the objects that compose it and the very concept of history. When we peel off the layers of bygone cultural development and interaction, we recognize that the past may have been as subtle and dynamic as the present, requiring new historiographies.

Okufeti(ka) seeks to show how the nuances
of the past can be reimagined in a poetic way. Drawings, stamps, prints, color studies and installations using brass, copper, charcoal, clay, wax, raffia, horns, feathers and sound echo
the language, memory, myth, and cultural and social practices of an ancestral Ovimbundu society, in the central highlands of Angola, as a place both real and imagined, asking us to look back with a critical eye at the history of material cultures as we think we know them.

Unearthing the modern construction of archaeological narratives on African societies before the impact of the transatlantic slave trade and European colonial expansion, the artist Iris Buchholz Chocolate aspires to a recon-
stitution, or indeed a restitution, of a history lost or even unknown, questioning hegemonic structures of looking, learning and feeling history, challenging our capacity to renegotiate our perception of the past in order to make sense of our lives.

— Curator, Tila Likunzi
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Sponsor Educational Program
Goethe-Institut Angola

Patrons student transport
Marco Mattheis
Miximilian Wemhoener

Alain van Rossum
Renato Sotto Mayor & Team
Claudio Chocolate