Solo Exhibition — Os Sonhos do Embondeiro 2013
May 17 — June 7, 2013
MNHN Siexpo, Luanda, Angola
Ministério da Cultura Angola
Museu Nacional de História Natural
Colecção Sindika Dokolo

Esta exposição fez parte do programa da Direcção Nacional de Acção Cultural alusivo
ao dia de África 2013.
In this exhibition, Iris Chocolate, recognizing her outsider-perspective, reinterprets different symbols within contemporary Angolan history. Using installations and video/performance,
the artist develops a personal archaeology of Angolan history within a universal perspective: because repressive systems like colonialism leave no one indifferent or neutral, in the way that war and the memory of it can only be understood by our humanity. This exhibition
is marked by the sound of the heart beating, marking out time and humanity.

Suzana Sousa, Curator