A Metamorfose 2010
II Trienal de Luanda 2010
In the triptych which was produced for the
II Trienal de Luanda 2010, this artwork refers
to the element of earth.

The structure of the cocoon is made out of
metal and so big that the visitors can cross the sculpture. On one side, one has to bend down
to enter the sculpture, on the other side one can walk around more erect. The whole structure
is covered with braided plants: the typical way people in Angola craft baskets. The light can shine through the braided panels and connects so the inside with the outside, the dried plants smell earth like.

The artwork can be seen as a metaphor for Angola ongoing transformation and the imag-
ination of the kind of country (butterfly) that Angola could become in the future. But the work could also refer to a phase of transformation we all go through once or several times in our lives.
Mestre Manuel and colleagues
Americo Cristovão
Claudio Chocolate