Topography of Borders 2007
I Trienal de Luanda 2007
The body morphs out of the surface, rears up and disappears again. The moment before the body disappears reminds of the forming of water drops, as the surface, similar to a liquid, behaves as a taut elastic foil. This is called sur-
face tension. According to the movements of
the performer’s body, the fabric becomes taut, expands, contracts, creates folds or shadows.
In this way the physical and artificial, torment-
ed and poetic moments alternate.

None of us are able to slip out of our skins. Regardless of where and under which condi-
tions we live, or in what we believe, we are all thrown into existence with our hopes, fears
and doubts without being able to escape
this circle.
Caroline Decker
Lothar Heinrich