Bakama 2015
Solo Exhibition — A Sul. O Sombreiro
October 14 — November 27, 2016
MAAN Luanda, Angola
They are formed into groups of up to 12 mem-
bers attached to a specific community by blood ties. Different masks may be used for different rituals. Each mask represents an Ancestor who merits to be remembered. The Bakamas may act only within their district and appear during significant family or community events, such
as the funeral of a revered person. They always wear their costume of dried banana leaves, which are burned after every appearance.

The fixed camera observes the movements
of the performer wearing a costume made up
of many strings of fabric upon which reflective material was sewn. The strings were inspired by “missangas”, the tiny beads adorning the thin plaits used mostly as a children’s hairstyle.
A meditative flow of sparkling dots in the dark casts a dreamlike atmosphere, creating a symbolic link to the ancestors.
Lothar Heinrich
Andrea Krolo
Natalie Weber
Eva Natzke