Traces of Loss 2010
II Trienal de Luanda 2010
Only in movement, as painful as it may be,
is life – based on the memoirs of my grand-
father – a work cycle about history, migration, loss and the passing of time occurred. The work draws traces of memory, of succeeding, and of failure, loss and vulnerability, of life and death, of human existence in its emotional diversity.
It is the attempt to compose through a con-
scious, fragment memory a new image in order to inspire the public’s own associations and memories.

A choreography of shadows, a sensual, ephem-
eral experience of light and movement. The sound is composed by (underwater) breathing and wind. Breath as a metaphor for the soul: the soul of breath that many cultures believe is the place of the life force, and the soul of every human being.

In the triptych I produced for the II Trienal
de Luanda,
this artwork refers to the element
of air.
Choreography, performer:
Caroline Decker
Heidi Neumayer,
Tobias M. Traeger
Safety engineering:
Udo Kirchmayer
Rope work and lighting:
Andrea Korosec