Solo Exhibition — A Sul. O Sombreiro 2016
October 14 — November 27, 2016
MAAN Luanda, Angola
The exhibition space is dark and the objects are illuminated in a theatrical way. The projections reflect the spirits of the Bakamas from the north of Angola (Cabinda) in a poetic way, permitting interaction between the living and occult spirits – the Gods and the Ancestors – to secure the reconciliation between the Dead and the Living. The basis of the exhibition sound is composed
of bird cawing imitated by a human voice, an entire soundworld refering to the tropical rainforest has been composed by the Angolan musical artist Victor Gama.

During the opening the Angolan singer and songwriter Irina Vasconcelos will perform “le fou du roi”, who invents a dialogue with the suspended figures: a reflection on how the past maybe reconciled with the contemporary.

Various series of wooden framed wax studies/drawings complete the exhibtion.

It’s about shifting the gaze. The consequences and traumas left by colonialism on the still
very young post-colonial nations, has been and remains omnipresent throughout the genera-
tions. It is not just about reflecting on the past, considering how the very conception of modern European society and its economic system can-
not be approached without its colonial condi-
tionality and crimes; it is to look at where we are today in amongst a perpetual politics of expan-
sion and racism. In this global game of chess,
all too often hypocrisy wins over humanity.

Being German inevitably reflects the legacy of the Holocaust into this work, and significantly also, the Herero and Namaqua genocides Germany committed in German South-West Africa (modern-day Namibia) at beginning of last Century. The slow process of recognizing and accepting historical and moral responsi-
bility is there.
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