Educational Programme — Okuoya
Solo Exhibition — Okufeti(ka)
May 30 — August 10, 2019
Jahmek Contemporary Art Luanda, Angola
Feti, like the myth, remains open to new interpretations...

Who owns “history” and who tells it? Who can question history and which questions can
be asked?

During European colonial expansion, the
“history” of Africa was largely documented by European explorers and scientists, according
to “human sciences” created for the study
of extra-European peoples and territories. The prejudiced and sometimes absurd views of these texts contributed to the creation of a false image of the continent and its peoples abroad, and distortion of Africa’s image of itself. At the same time, since the great body African orality remains undocumented, these texts are often the only written records of the spaces and
times of an Africa before colonization.

Today, it matters to cast a critical look on the content of these materials and understand what motivated the creation of such a nightmarish vision of Africa. The awareness and acceptance that such things came to pass, becomes increas-
ingly crucial in a present that continually (re)defines who we are, where we came from and where we desire to go, as inhabitants of
this continent.

The Okuoya educational program, available
for free download, seeks to stimulate curiosity in young minds on topics such as archeology, astronomy, history, cultural heritage and African material cultures.

— Curator, Tila Likunzi
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Goethe-Institut Angola

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Miximilian Wemhoener

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