Tudo aquilo de que não nos lembramos 2022
[ All that we do not remember ]

July 22 — August 27, 2022
Jahmek Contemporary Art Luanda, Angola
The title of the installation refers to a book
that also reflects my family history; it is about the flight from the East at the end of WWII, about forgetting and repressing. I remember the silence and glances in which all the pain sat. There are memories that continue to have an effect, subconsciously also in the following gen-
erations. There are fears that cannot be explain-
ed from one’s own experience. All societies (as all humans) have their history / silence / trau-
ma that needs to be healed, especially those that have suffered from colonialism and civil war, but also those societies which have to come to terms with having imposed such violence in the past; including the on-going violence we inflict on mother earth itself, we seem to have for-
gotten the ancient wisdoms of how to take care of her. We should be reminded that all life is interconnected, spiralling together through space, on this beautiful blue planet. Or as Jeremy Lent puts it: “thinking to help catalyse an alternative to our expired worldview – one based on interconnectedness, within ourselves, with other humans and the entire non-human world”.

The installation may relate to themes of the past (ancestors; the “Kianda” myth; transatlantic slave trade; being in the womb), present (water scarcity; sea pollution; overfishing; restless life), and an imagined better future for ourselves and our planet, created in and by communities, as group consciousness can accomplish so much more than any human can do individually.

Let’s celebrate togetherness and interconnectivity!
ALCAAL Têxtil Textang II
Academia do Empreendedor de Luanda

Special thanks to
Julia Villegas
Woodvibe & Vita, Samora, Bruno
Geraldo José
Claudio Chocolate
Sandra Poulson